Advanced Physician Wellness

Tools for achieving greater resiliency, peak performance and avoiding burnout.

Wellness requires a proactive approach to balance high demands with sufficient renewal while supporting resiliency, performance & enthusiasm.

Mental exhaustion is the underlying foundation that fosters the development of burnout. Early symptoms are often ignored by physicians who set excessively high standards of performance for themselves. The systems and habits that foment exhaustion may take a long time to change but physicians can take steps immediately to counter the effects.

The APW program is a practical and empowering approach that provides unique, high yield tools that go far beyond relaxation to rest and renew the mind. Regular practice restores vitality, increases energy, resiliency, and performance and improves overall health and well-being. The program is comprehensive yet can be learned in one weekend and physicians see results immediately.

The APW Solution is Mind-Body Renewal

Techniques that bring Energy, Clarity and Rejuvenation.

The Advanced Physician Wellness practices:

  • Significantly reduce stress and increase well-being.
  • Practices are fast-acting, require minimal time & bring immediate results.
  • Successful pilot program with 60 medical residents.
  • Benefits established in over 60 published studies.
  • Significant reduction in PTSD remained after 1 year follow-up.
  • Distinct advantages over Mindfulness practices.
  • No mental effort, no watching of thoughts, no concentration.

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